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Hastings Wrestling Club 2 Week Clinic

  Parents all flyers for Clinic are under Youth club tab in Showcase tab

       ( choose the right school/ grade for your son/daughter)

  Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions at all!

  We look forward to a fun two weeks and hope to see your son/daughter continue to Club!


Thank You,

 Hastings Wrestling Club


Hello Hastings Wrestling families!

 We are excited for the New upcoming season to start! As our excitement is in full gear, so is the New Apparel Store. That will be Coming in November! we have been working hard to bring some new upcoming apparel for the young and old! 

 stay tuned for more dates and info on the store !!!


   we are excited for the new apparel options!


As many of you know, another one of our own families is in the midst of battling a war against cancer. Cindy Kendall, the mom to Paul (Hastings High School Varsity wrestler) and John (Hastings High School Middle School wrestler), is currently undergoing treatment for cancer.

If you have not heard, here is an excerpt from her Facebook Page from August 2016: 
"Well, my praying friends, the results of the PETscan were NOT full of positive answers. I was given, with Bill at my side, very sad news. The cancer that I am looking at straight in the face came in fighting and attacking my body from the beginning but I was totally caught off guard. I do not feel sick or have any symptoms of sickness. We were told on Thursday that my kind of cancer is inoperable stage 4 cancer,with a life expectancy of 1 year possibly 2 with chemotherapy. IF I CHOOSE TO DO NO CHEMO 4-6 months!! IT is that aggressive!! I had a MRI of my brain to see it had progressed to there as it is in my : neck, collarbone, under my left arm and it originated in my lung. We did tell our kids, tears, doubt, fear, quiet blank stares. We do have and serve a God of THE IMPOSSIBILITY!! Pray for a miracle! We are in the process of getting a second opinion at Mayo Clinic. We covet all your prayers, not just for me but for my children and my hubby."

If you have the ability, please consider helping the Kendall family during this time by joining the Meal Train! The link is attached here. Also, please keep the Kendall family in your prayers and thoughts!

God Bless!

Meal Train for The Kendall Family (Click Here)

A Meal Train has been created for The Kendall simplifies the process of giving and receiving meals and more. Be the first to contribute!



Congrats to our Youth PreK-6th grade taking 1st Place at the hastings Youth Team Tournament!

Hastings Youth Wrestling Club Hosted its PreK-6th grade Team Tournament on Dec 6th at the Hastings Middle School. There were a total of 6 teams who participated including Hastings, Cannon Falls Gray, Cannon Falls Red, Eastview, Rosemount, and Cottage Grove. Hastings went undefeated in all four rounds of the tournament with the match scores including                    Round 1:  Hastings-48, Cannon Red-28; Round 2: Hastings-42,Cannon Gray-34; Round 3: Hastings-52,Eastview-25; Round 4: Hastings and Cottage Grove went head to head, both being undefeated, going into the last round. Hastings made an amazing come back over Cottage Grove taking the lead in the last two matches with pins from Austin Leflay and Everett Swartz to win the Championship. The team worked hard together and everyone’s determination and fight played a big role in getting Hastings to the Championship and taking home 1st Place for the team.  A great big thank you goes out to all the coaches, parents and fans for your continued support!