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Hastings Youth Wrestling Club

Hastings Wrestling Seeks Volunteers

Welcome to the 2016-17 Wrestling Season!

It's time for practices, team meets, and weekend tournaments! I hope you enjoy revisiting with “family” as much as I have. And let’s not forget to welcome our new additions at all grade levels. It is our job to show them how wonderful and welcoming the Hastings wrestling family truly is!

As we move forward into the season, there are a few changes coming our way. One of them being HOW we staff the concession stand at the high school for meets, varsity basketball games and at home wrestling tournaments. Just like all other sports, we request parent involvement/volunteering. We will be moving away from Sign Up Genius to the more uniform DIBS. We would like each family to sign up for at least one event, though we encourage more if possible. There are over 70 slots to fill! The work is easy, the conversations are great, and memories are made!

The process is simple: go to our Hastings Wrestling website. (Bookmark it, as it contains excellent information about our wrestling community.) . Click on the “DIBS“ tab and there will be concession volunteer opportunities to claim. (You must register in order to receive credit for your time.)

Please remember that both High School and Middle School wrestlers are able to help (Middle School wrestlers can help if they are signed up with an adult) to earn money for their accounts. It would be really helpful if the Youth wrestling families would volunteer for the basketball games as they fall on Tuesdays and Thursdays when you are typically watching your son or daughter practice. Plus, we feed you! You are welcome to a Greg’s Meats hot dog or walking taco when you work a shift.

Now, how are we UNLIKE every other sport organization? All other organizations require a check in the event that you do not, will not or are unable to help. For our trial year working with DIBS, we will not be asking you to submit a check. We will look into it for future seasons if need be. Please, let’s NOT allow that to become a common practice. As I stated before, concessions are fun and easy! The more the merrier! More hands make light work! You get the picture…

Please remember that EVERYONE is always allowed to zip down to watch his or her son/daughter wrestle at their time. In fact, it’s nice when youth and Middle School parents take on the varsity matches, and the varsity parents take on the youth tournaments. We all want to see our favorite wrestlers!

So let’s pop the popcorn and get those hot dogs ready…it’s WRESTLING CONCESSION STAND SEASON! Can’t wait to see you there!

Please feel free to email or call me with any questions.

Patti Kopp