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Volunteering at Concessions (Football & Wrestling)

As many of you know the Wrestling Club runs the concession stand at all the home football games, wrestling matches and tournaments and all basketball games held at the high school.  This is the largest fundraiser that the club does, the past year we raised over $22,000 to support our wrestlers.
In order for this to be successful we need the support of ALL the parents to help.  We are asking for each family to sign up for at least one football game and one wrestling match/tournament or basketball game but you can sign up for more if you want.  Middle and high school wrestlers can help out and earn money for their accounts, they just have to work at least half of a football game to get credit.  Middle school wrestlers can work winter events along with one of their parents to earn account money, high school wrestlers can sign up for a shift  by themselves.
You will find all of the available shifts by logging in and going to our DIBS page!

Patti Kopp

Vice President

Phone: (651)206-1678